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Singlespeed without the hassle

For ages I have been falling in and out of temptation to acquire myself something with just the one gear to choose from. Fixed wheel one side and freewheel the other, no derailleurs to get coated in muck as autumn … Continue reading

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The BBC’s new commitment to cycling?

In nearly as many months we’ve had coverage of the Tour of Britain and the World Championships. Has the BBC turned a corner and decided that cycling is worthy of inclusion in its schedules? Yes, the critics will argue that … Continue reading

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Murcia, home of Valverde

And also home of some bloody big hills which I have just about recovered from slogging up. I took no pictures as I was too busy trying not to be sick or pass out. It’s a lovely place to take … Continue reading

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Injury blues

The left thigh is still giving me pain so I’m probably not going to go racing tomorrow. As I’m away next week and helping out at a race the week after, this means my season is, in effect, over. I … Continue reading

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When the Tour of Britain rolled though…

So after my morning disaster I trotted down hoping to catch the back end of the women’s support race and, of course, managed to miss it. I did get there in time to watch the Bob Chicken London GP where … Continue reading

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Will I ever finish?

Well my first proper season as a cyclist is turning out to be an unmitigated embarassment. The scorecard so far is frankly comical: Etape Du Tour: DNF Ciclos Uno 3/4/Novice race, 20.08.2006, Eastway: DNF (vomiting in a bin after 30 … Continue reading

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