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There’s wet and there’s wet

Yes, I enjoy riding in the rain usually but this weekend’s torrential downpours were just a little beyond my abilities. When I looked out on Saturday the rain was clattering against my window and I headed back to the duvet … Continue reading

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Are cyclists being unfairly targeted?

This week the debate has been raging over whether or not the Met Police are deliberately targeting cyclists in Richmond Park for exceeding the 20mph speed limit. You can follow most strands of the discussion on the Cycling Plus forum … Continue reading

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One good half

The right side of my body seems to be working fine and coming along nicely, shame the same can’t be said for my left. If it was just the one thing that was troubling me then I could rest it … Continue reading

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Navigating Oxford Street

Well, I’ve moved offices which means I’m having to work on a new route in. Instead of the flat side of High Street Kensington and through Hyde Park I’m now north of the park and go up Holland Park Drive … Continue reading

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Pushed all the way

“One more rider in the second group, it’s not going to go too fast.” “OK, I’ll go.” I pipe up and set off for the toughest session in quite some time. I got hauled round on the first lap until … Continue reading

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It doesn’t happen every day

It should have been a day like any other: pedal to work far too fast while half awake, spend the rest of the day regretting not stretching enough; then cycle home slightly tired and try to remember what I actually … Continue reading

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Tour of Flanders: no Koppenburg

Not that that makes it any easier mind. So I’ll hold off a sigh of relief just yet. More on the 2007 edition at I’ll need to start sorting hotels, transport and so on if I’m going to … Continue reading

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When is a positive not a positive?

Interesting piece in the BBC’s More or Less programme about testosterone tests: You can listen to it again at the moment but I’m not sure whether it will be archived.

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I made it round! (almost)

For the first time in an eternity I managed to make it round the traditional four laps of Richmond Park without dropping back a group. Admittedly, I trundled into the car park a fair way back from the group after … Continue reading

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TDF? Yours for a pony

An interesting article on the ever brilliant PezCycling News on just how much it costs to have a stage of Le Tour in the neighbourhood: Do some quick sums, or rough estimates, and you’ll see that Le Grand Depart … Continue reading

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