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The ride before Christmas

I couldn’t let myself reach Christmas without getting out into the Surrey Hills for the Sunday club ride so, on Christmas Eve, I dragged myself out of bed and down to Hampton Court Bridge to take a measure of my … Continue reading

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E’gads it’s a real peasouper

Winter has finally arrived rolling across London with thick morning fog the last couple of days. It’s even forced the thick Altura winter jacket out of the closet, although it’s gone back in now that I’ve remembered just how much … Continue reading

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NICE says cycling, press say stapling

Good article from Bikebiz here: The title says it all. While NICE (which is easier to type than the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) repeatedly mention cycling as a way to deal with obesity the mainstream media, … Continue reading

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Is this about the bike?

Went in for my cyclefitting today at Cyclefit to see if getting my position right would help deal with my various problems. After a couple hours of pedalling, adjusting and measuring I came away feeling much happier about the cause … Continue reading

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Bagaboo bag update

I’ve been enjoying mine for a while now so here’s my more extended view on the little big beauty (for a picture click here): “I went with the front adjustable strap which I definitely prefer to a side one, like … Continue reading

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Another week, another cold

Having spent most of the last two weeks feeling exhausted and not sleeping properly my body has finally kicked me in the arse and succumbed to the cold virus doing the rounds. Of course it waited until Friday evening to … Continue reading

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