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The mighty Merckx

Here at last is my newest addition to the collection, an Eddy Merckx Racing decked out with full SRAM Rival. You’ll probably want the full spec as well to satisfy that “how big’s the engine?” thing everyone does with anything … Continue reading

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It’s supposed to get easier

Didn’t enjoy today’s training ride as much as I had hope. The pace was a bit on the quick side of steady for my liking and I found myself struggling a bit. Actually, I was struggling a lot, as much … Continue reading

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(Wind) Resistance training

As I’ve said before, I don’t mind the rain and I can just about cope with the cold, but wind; well that’s another matter entirely. I utterly detest it; much, much more than I hate hills, punctures and even forcing … Continue reading

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Just bring it!

I think we all know what the picture below means. Yes, despite my vain attempts to avoid it, I’m now bang up for the Etape again and I have a place. Which means this blog will be getting a lick … Continue reading

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A timely ar-Rival

My new groupset is here at last! 20% off in the January sale meant there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to bag the new SRAM Rival setup for the Merckx I’m having built up. Here … Continue reading

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Quick name change

I’ve got rid of “Two wheels good” as there are plenty of pre-existing uses of it on the internet, including a shop, and gone for “Chasing wheels” as it seems to be what I spend almost all of my time … Continue reading

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Still the slowest up hills

The only way I’m going to pass people on hills is if they are walking, and even then it’ll be a long, drawn-out affair. I’m stuck at the back on the January training rides and it’s starting to annoy me. … Continue reading

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Lost in the Surrey Hills

New year means new resolutions to train more and get in shape. So it was no massive surprise to find about 25 Londond Dynamo riders huddled on one side of Hampton Court Bridge for the Sunday club ride, the first … Continue reading

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I’ve booked my hotel

Or rather my hostel in a former nunnery that dates from the 13th Century in Ghent. Less than £100 for four nights seems very reasonable to me. Staying in Ghent will also give me a chance to perhaps visit a … Continue reading

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Merckx me up baby!

Well the classic shape Eddy Merckx frame was too big for me in the top tube. But the compact/sloping one wasn’t, so I now own an Eddy Merckx Race frame in black, silver and red. I’ve also ordered an SRAM … Continue reading

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