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A very useful site

I came across Flamme Rouge while having a browse about: It’s a Jersey-based website which offers a lot of very useful information on everything from training to cyclosportives and racing. It’s rather well and clearly written and covers most … Continue reading

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Blasted ill!

I’ve spent the last few days sat at home trying not to move or cough. Yes, I had “a flu-type virus” which has filled my head with snot, made my lungs rattle and generally caused me to watch too much … Continue reading

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No longer last up the hills

Firstly, apologies for my absence over the last week or two. I’ve been moving house which means a lack of internet access and sleep. It has also meant a lack of hours on the bike which has been rather frustrating. … Continue reading

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Weigh-in time

Have finally bought a set of scales – cheap ones from Ikea – to see where I’m up to with my training regime. Once I got the blighted thing set up properly and it stopped telling me that I have … Continue reading

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Guardian bike guide

Matt Seaton’s weekly musings in The Guardian are a regular read for me as it represents one of the few regular mainstream press pieces on cycling other than just race reporting. So I was overjoyed to find that the paper … Continue reading

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Postively Belgian

Never trust the weatherman, not even one that is electronic and thus beyond human error. Otherwise you might turn up expecting a dry race and get a wet one. Or, as happened on Sunday, a really sodding wet one. Usually … Continue reading

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Race face #1: suffering

That’s me gasping for air like a fucked pike on dry land at Chertsey. More race pics here: That’s mainly people not looking quite as riced as me. Still it looks like I’m putting the effort in at least. … Continue reading

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