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Clothing essentials: what jersey

One thing that can often baffle and trouble Etape riders is what kit they need to wear and carry on the day. Let’s look at the jerseys first. Light colours are recommended, white if you are happy for it to … Continue reading

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Time to start saving

I’ve been dreaming for a while now of a new frame to replace the Merckx. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the Merckx as a basic racing bike but part of me desires a really expensive flashy bike. I … Continue reading

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Still can’t get over that hill

Due to the frustrating nature of my shifts I couldn’t race this Tuesday, nor are there any weekend races to be had nearby this weekend or last. Which means I’ve been limited to a bit of training to keep my … Continue reading

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Where’s the hill at Hillingdon?

To be honest there isn’t one and I really couldn’t have cared less last night as I was freezing my paws off in the 4th Cat race. A hill might have been good, it might have meant a respite from … Continue reading

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The myth of the miles

No doubt by now you’ve been told by someone that “You need to get the miles in” to achieve your goal. They’ll have sold you a fishing tale about how you need to be doing hundreds of miles a week … Continue reading

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What are ‘The Monuments’?

Instead of trying to explain them I instead refer you to a really good article on them on the highly recommended Belgium Knee Warmers blog entitled The Monuments which explains the significance of the five races.

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2008: Not again?

At this stage I don’t know whether I am definitely going to ride the Etape. It depends on a lot of things, some beyond my control at this stage. What I have been thinking of doing is making this blog … Continue reading

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Here come the Belgians!

The clatter of bikes on cobbles can mean only one thing: it’s time for the Northern Classics, starting with the Tour of Flanders, this Sunday. Last year I made the pilgrimage to Flanders fields (and hills) to ride the sportif … Continue reading

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