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Sunday driving

I could use this opportunity to get on one about numpty drivers in Richmond Park (which park of “no parking outside of the car parks” and the solid white line denoting no overtaking on Broomfield Hill are too hard to … Continue reading

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It’s in fashion

Hat tip to for this one: Watch skinny cyclist with dodgy shades which is actually a story about fashion and cycling. Topshop have picked up on cycling as one of this summer’s trends which is amazing for so many … Continue reading

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Itchy, twitchy and fruitless

Last Hillingdon for a few weeks was a dismal affair. Everything about it could be found on a list of reasons why most people strive to get out of the 4th Cats as quick as they can. There was the … Continue reading

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You can’t win ’em all

Last Tuesday’s Hillingdon was a race I was never going to win. My lungs were still feeling trashed from the weekend so I mentally prepared myself for just staying in the race and maybe being there at the finish. I … Continue reading

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Smithfield Nocturne: Thomas the Engine

For British cycling fans there’s two ways of seeing the big names who’ve made it to the top flight of the sport. One is to watch them disappearing up the road in a local race when they’re still not old … Continue reading

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Smithfield Nocturne 2008 – how not to ride

Folding Bike Race, originally uploaded by waterboyzoo. I’m going to write more about it tomorrow but thought I’d post something quickly after finding this picture of me on Flickr. Why “how not to ride”? Because at that point I’d just … Continue reading

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Cold, wet and rubbish

Terrible night’s riding last night at Hillingdon. And that’s without factoring in the torrential downpour that made sure it was an evening for the brave and foolish. Thought I was going to go well and that the smaller field would … Continue reading

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