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My current cycling wishlist

As the season draws to a close, the big shows also get underway as manufacturers show off what they think we will want to buy next year. I’ve got a few items on my wishlist, most of which aren’t brand-spanking … Continue reading

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Jamie Staff and Shanaze Reade on BMX

Here’s that video clip I promised you. Yes, I know the audio’s out of synch due to dropped frames and I’m pretty embarrassed that I couldn’t remember where Shanaze is from but I don’t want to hurl my laptop out … Continue reading

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London Freewheel at Buckingham Palace

London freewheel at Buckingham Palace, originally uploaded by leguape. Here’s one of the pics I took today out and about at the Freewheel. Didn’t get to interview Victoria but got a couple of bits with Ed Clancy about the Worlds) … Continue reading

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Squad rotation, pro peloton-style

I’ve given up trying to keep track of who is going where next season. And I’m not just talking about riders but manufacturers, sponsors and most likely cuddly toys and small dogs. Could everyone who is staying where they are … Continue reading

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A really engaging cycling site

I got sent a link to a great example of how well a cycling blog can be done with a bit of thought and the right technology which I thought I’d share with you all. It’s called The Great IBC … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong Rides Again

Yes, you heard right. First interview in Vanity Fair is online now. Lance Armstrong Rides Again – Vanity Fair It’s a masterful piece of PR all round because this comeback isn’t about bike racing, it’s about cancer. Go on, you … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong comeback? *popcorn*

There’s few things that set me off like a good rumour in professional cycling. And there’s none bigger than “Lance Armstrong is making a comeback to the pro peloton and will ride the Tour”. As if by magic… “Sources: Lance … Continue reading

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Tour of Britain 2008, stage 1

Tour of Britain 2008 – Stage 1, originally uploaded by leguape. I’m waiting for the highlights to come on so I can find out how the finish panned out. Steff and I were walking down and about 500 metres away … Continue reading

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Struggling to get excited by the Vuelta?

I don’t know why I can’t get myself caring about it as much as other races in the calendar so far. OK I’m still dashing home to catch the end of the stage on Eurosport but I’m not putting myself … Continue reading

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In praise of the silk scarf

So Rapha have added one to their range and quite sexy it is too but as ever it’s Rapha so it’s getting a knocking on the internet forums, part in jest, part in earnest. But a silk scarf or neckerchief … Continue reading

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