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Cats and bikes

NKMK?…, originally uploaded by What’s not to like about this picture by Greg Falski that I bumbled across on Flickr? Oh well, it cheers me up as I look out of the window at sleety rain and temperatures of … Continue reading

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Cycling chic: Vogue a season late

Traditionally it’s the High Street that follows on from Designer when it comes to setting light to a trend and watching it spread across the field of fashion. So it’s quite heartening to see a reversal of this trend when … Continue reading

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2009: It’s Ventoux

This year’s Etape has as its centrepiece the Mont Ventoux, the legendary climb situated in Provence. Full details on the official site: Here’s the profile: I’m definitely up for it at this stage. Mont Ventoux is probably one of … Continue reading

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The off-season?

If you love riding a bike is there really such a thing as “the off-season”? It feels like there are less competitive periods of the year but, as I ride most days to commute, I don’t feel like I ever … Continue reading

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Transportation bikes, less a style more an ethos

Reflecting back on Cycle, the London bike show at Earls Court, I was reading Carlton Reid’s thoughts over on and I think he’s right about how the industry is missing a coming trend: “Don’t get me wrong, aspirational bikes … Continue reading

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Spotted at the Cycle Show today

Malcolm Elliott and Stephen Roche, originally uploaded by leguape. Malcolm Elliott and Stephen Roche having a chat. No I didn’t ask for an autograph, although I swear Roche thought I was a nutter because I kept on going past them … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with retroactive testing

I’ve got a real problem with this retroactive testing. Exactly where does it stop and who does it benefit? You’re the guy who has been cheated out of a gold medal earning opportunities, are you going to put your career … Continue reading

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New positives, same negatives

Stefan Schumacher and Leonardo Piepoli coming up positive has barely registered a raised eyebrow of surprise in the cycling world. Ghoulish Leo had already confessed so it was just a matter of waiting for that box to be ticked while … Continue reading

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Don’t call it a comeback

Now Alexandre Vinokourov wants back in on the top flight of cycling. Is there anyone, apart from Jan Ullrich, who hasn’t served a ban or banishment from the pro peloton who doesn’t want to seek redemption on the road? You’ve … Continue reading

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When is doping not doping?

When it’s doing dope (spliff/herb/ganga/weed) in Downhill Mountain Bike racing. Or when you’re a footballer. For no particular reason (other than reading up on statute of limitations) I was browsing the UK Sport site and came across their list of … Continue reading

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