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In tandem with Stella Artois

Having once again looked out the window and considered that it was too cold and too wet for me to go out – I am still recovering from illness – Sunday was spent going for a gentle walk and catching … Continue reading

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What’s with your Victoria Pendleton obsession?

I know she’s cute, I know she’s pretty much unbeatable in a sprint event, but why is she the most common search term people end up at this site via? Is there nothing I’m writing about that is of interest … Continue reading

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Route recce by Mike Cotty

Mike Cotty is a well-respected Sportive rider whose route rides are pretty complete in terms of information and giving an overall picture of the ride. He’s done one for this year’s Etape and you can read it in full on … Continue reading

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A good time to be ill

If ever there’s a good weekend to come down with a heavy case of the manflu, aka the common cold, this weekend past was it. Temperatures below freezing added to sleeting snow and rain should and would have had me … Continue reading

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Complete lack of recovery

I’m really struggling with my recovery after rides at the moment. As in feeling borderline unwell, like I’m coming down with a cold/virus within hours of getting home. Anyone got any tips to help improve this situation? I seem to … Continue reading

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Rapha at bargain prices

Regular readers (a list so short that it doesn’t even include my mum) will know I’m a bit of a fan of Rapha gear – I even started the Rapha Junkies group on Facebook – so when I got an … Continue reading

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