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First race at Hog Hill

As a race venue Hog Hill is exactly as described: there is a hill, it is an absolute pig. The Redbridge Cycle Centre is better known as Hog Hill and it’s developing a reputation as a tough but exciting circuit … Continue reading

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Tunes to ride to, episode 1

My head’s a bit mashed after my first race of the season so rather than try and write, here’s five songs I frequently listen to when I’m out riding. A mixed bag and all available as DRM-free downloads from … Continue reading

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Cycling popularity increases except in sports pages

Saturday’s The Times declares that “Inspirational Olympic heroes turn cycling into a family favourite” and celebrates a 40% increase in cycling as a result of the track team’s success. Meanwhile The Sunday Times manages to lead its Sport In Brief … Continue reading

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The joy of riding the Surrey Hills

Went out on Tuesday for my first long ride in ages through the Surrey Hills. They form one of the main hubs of activity for cyclists in the South East of England and I’ve been riding them ever since I … Continue reading

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A steady rate of climbing

I’ve been trying to get the hang of climbing out of the saddle for the last few weeks. Not that I’ve ever been any good at climbing but I don’t seem to be able to crack finding a nice rhythm. … Continue reading

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Support your local bike race

On Sunday I left the house planning to go racing for the first time this year. In the end I didn’t race but instead did something equally useful: marshalled. British cycling at the elite level on the track may be … Continue reading

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