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Mark Cavendish winning Stage 21

Here’s a short Youtube clip from yesterday’s stage 21 finish in Paris on Les Champs Elysees. We were in the press area up near the 100 metre board and I’ve never been so excited to be at a bike race. … Continue reading

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Trek Madone by Damien Hirst: bicycle as art

The bicycle is a piece of modern art. As a piece of design it’s unrivalled in the 20th Century for its purity of form. Lance Armstrong has been riding a who bunch of beautifully decalled bikes through his comeback season. … Continue reading

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Stage 15 – Contador goes fast up hills

Statement of the obvious: shit happens fast in a bike race. You can keep up when all you’re doing is watching and shouting at the telly, it’s entirely different when you’re trying to form coherent, publishable sentences for live text … Continue reading

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What we learned from the first week of Le Tour 2009

1. If you were expecting the GC to be exciting and to change hands like it did last year, then you were mistaken. Once Cancellara bagged jaune in Monaco it was going to be tough to shift him until the … Continue reading

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Follow the Tour de France 2009 on twitter

This afternoon I got a little bugged trying to keep up with all the people either riding or reporting on this year’s Tour de France. So I built a Yahoo! Pipe to bring together all the accounts I’m aware of … Continue reading

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