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More rubbish professional kits for 2010: Astana and Quick-Step

First up, Astana. I think we can dispatch this one pretty quickly. Is there anything good to say about it? The visual branding is weaker than last year even if the logos are less confused. That’s about as good as … Continue reading

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London League 2009/10, round 11: Herne Hill as the ice planet Hoth

It was epic, it was cold, it was helluvaheckalot of fun. Riding the frozen wastes of the Herne Hill velodrome certainly made for something different from the usual “mud and iron” of the London Cyclocross League. (Photo: John Mullineaux for … Continue reading

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Predictions for professional cycling in 2010: the bad news

Of the top 20 riders in the UCI rankings, at least one will not start the Tour de France in July for reasons other than injury I was going to go with top 10 at the Tour de France 2009 … Continue reading

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This is how to ride your bike in snow

With London struggling under the weight of a bit of light snow, the place has ground to a halt. It’s pretty embarrassing that it took me an hour to complete a ten minute journey on the bus in one of … Continue reading

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The 2010 Professional “shit kit” competition is on

Opening entries are from Team Radioshack and Omega Pharma Lotto. Hitting it hard for the first batter up to the plate (baseball metaphor? WTF?) “The Shack” are putting it into the bleachers with this number. Where to begin? The arbitrary … Continue reading

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Imperial Winter Series 2009/10: 4th Cat, 05 December 2009

Well that was a pretty miserable and frustrating experience for me. How was it for you? I look forward to the Imperial Winter Series as motivation to see me through the winter, but it got off to a mediocre start … Continue reading

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London League 2009/10, round 10 Hog Hill: muddier than Penshurst

Last week was Penshurst and one muddy hell that usually isn’t surpassed in the season. Hog Hill is new this season and now goes down as the muddiest fixture in the calendar. As London Cyclesport puts it “The first cyclo … Continue reading

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