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Predictions for professional cycling in 2010: the good news

Like ying and yang, for every list of bad news, there is good. So here’s my predictions for good things that might happen this year. (I’ve updated this to correct a couple of errors and add a couple of links … Continue reading

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August is cycling’s dead month

After the highs of the Tour De France comes August’s procession of minor races and exhibition criteriums. It’s like a mid-season break before the Vuelta, Worlds and Lombardy. So that made it the perfect excuse for a holiday. Two weeks … Continue reading

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What we learned from the first week of Le Tour 2009

1. If you were expecting the GC to be exciting and to change hands like it did last year, then you were mistaken. Once Cancellara bagged jaune in Monaco it was going to be tough to shift him until the … Continue reading

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Anne Gripper is alive! And the blood passports may deliver

We’re into the first week of June and the clouds of war gather ever faster around the Tour De France. There’s three stories that you should read to understand where cycling is heading between now and July. 1. Bernard Kohl’s … Continue reading

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Cycling popularity increases except in sports pages

Saturday’s The Times declares that “Inspirational Olympic heroes turn cycling into a family favourite” and celebrates a 40% increase in cycling as a result of the track team’s success. Meanwhile The Sunday Times manages to lead its Sport In Brief … Continue reading

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Support your local bike race

On Sunday I left the house planning to go racing for the first time this year. In the end I didn’t race but instead did something equally useful: marshalled. British cycling at the elite level on the track may be … Continue reading

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Can you cycle on snow?

It’s the question that some British cyclists have been asking this week with the UK getting the sort of snow that Scandinavians and Canadians regard as a seasonal norm. As far as I can tell the simple answer is that … Continue reading

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In tandem with Stella Artois

Having once again looked out the window and considered that it was too cold and too wet for me to go out – I am still recovering from illness – Sunday was spent going for a gentle walk and catching … Continue reading

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Cycling chic: Vogue a season late

Traditionally it’s the High Street that follows on from Designer when it comes to setting light to a trend and watching it spread across the field of fashion. So it’s quite heartening to see a reversal of this trend when … Continue reading

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Transportation bikes, less a style more an ethos

Reflecting back on Cycle, the London bike show at Earls Court, I was reading Carlton Reid’s thoughts over on and I think he’s right about how the industry is missing a coming trend: “Don’t get me wrong, aspirational bikes … Continue reading

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