Bernard Hinault, fashion guru

Check out this picture on Flickr: Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault at the Coors classics in 1985

Now check out this dress from Urban Outfitters

Who said that cycling couldn’t be fashionable. Yes, Lemond was an innovator in the sport but setting high street fashion looks is something else all together.

(I’m still trying to do my London to Canterbury piece)

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  • Steff

    I take it you’ve seen the pics of Sarah-Jane from Creative before/during/after the courier race? Now there’s a sight to convert people (men and lesbians, specifically) to cycling.

    In other news, I’ve just heard from the Orbit/gearshift guy and my frame is on its way. Carbon forks arrived yesterday. Dunwich me up, baby!

  • el-presidente

    /\/\/\ *looks Up* Steff, please don’t post comments like that without a link!