Team Bee jersey update

So far I think I’ve got six (6) expressions of interest in the Team Bee jersey. Just need four more to make the minimum and then I’ll start the process of ordering. So if you are interested and haven’t already said so, please leave a comment with your name to let me add you to the list.

Team Bee Short Sleeve jersey initial design

Have spoken to the folk at Plan Bee:

“We cannot accept donations to the Plan Bee campaign as we aren’t set up as a charity but if you would like to donate to help bees please see the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s website

So the

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  • Arabians

    Can a jersey still be ordered????

    • Hi, thanks for asking. I never actually got round to producing the jersey. I’ll add you to my list of people interested and let you know if I do go ahead with the jersey.

  • Sheila

    Hi Alex,

    Kindly add me to the list of people interested in a bee jersey.

    I recently helped to sponsor a group of beekeepers in Minneapolis USA that delivers honey by bicycle, and they dress like bees. I found them on kickstarter, and if they make their fundraising goal, they will send me a pair of antennae to put on my bike helmet. And naturally, I’m looking for a jersey to go along with the antennae.

    Here’s the link to kickstarter for anyone who is interested in helping them meet their goal:

    Perhaps some of the folks at The Beez Kneez would be interested in a bee jersey, too. I’ll have to send them a link to your blog.


  • Nancy Davenport

    Love it. Am interested. Is it available?