Music to turn pedals to

There’s one band whose name is instantaneously invoked by cyclists everywhere: Kraftwerk. Those metronomic Germans have something of a monoppoly on Le tour, musically speaking.

Their 2003 album, Tour De France Soundtracks, is fairly constantly on my iPod when I’m out riding on my own and is just about right for the average training ride.

But when it comes to going full tilt on a ride and pushing myself harder I usually go for something a little more rocking. Currently doing the job for me are Hot Chip’s Over And Over and The Delays’ Valentine.

I was going to try and link through to a few of my favourites on iTunes but it seems you can’t do that on their affiliates programme. I’m going to start adding regular playlist tunes from my cycling list for you to enjoy as well. It’s something I’ve meant to do for a while now along with ads to see if I can’t raise a little money that way.

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  • I can’t remember how I did it on my site (iTunes links) but I am sure I got it working somehow. And that it really wasn’t obvious. Will try and do one this weekend and let you know how I get on.

    Love the look n feel of the site, obv. big Kraftwerk fan meself and all.