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A steady rate of climbing

I’ve been trying to get the hang of climbing out of the saddle for the last few weeks. Not that I’ve ever been any good at climbing but I don’t seem to be able to crack finding a nice rhythm. … Continue reading

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The road to Ventoux begins in our dreams

Still not sorted out a place, still not properly organised but I’ll share with you an experience we will all endure. Riding out to Richmond Park this morning, headphones in, head prepared for three laps (roughly an hour and fifteen … Continue reading

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Puy de Dome

This sign, at the bottom of the climb tells you everything that you need to know and fear about this legendary monument to cycling’s greatest names. Like Le Mont Ventoux it dominates the countryside around it and is steeped in … Continue reading

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David Millar’s girlfriend is a better climber than me

I was reading David’s latest installment to his tour diary on biycling.com, The Millar Diaries, Stage 9: Lacking Inspiration, when the pieces finally fitted together and I figured out who the girl who I’d been trying to help with her … Continue reading

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Still the slowest up hills

The only way I’m going to pass people on hills is if they are walking, and even then it’ll be a long, drawn-out affair. I’m stuck at the back on the January training rides and it’s starting to annoy me. … Continue reading

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Lost in the Surrey Hills

New year means new resolutions to train more and get in shape. So it was no massive surprise to find about 25 Londond Dynamo riders huddled on one side of Hampton Court Bridge for the Sunday club ride, the first … Continue reading

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