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10 things to be excited about in cycling in 2014

There’s plenty to look forward to in 2014, including the possibility of this podcast happening more than last year. So here’s a run down of ten things, in no particular order, that you should be looking forward to in cycling this year. Continue reading

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Racing Through The Dark – David Millar interview

An interview with David Millar from June 2011 about his book, Racing Through the Dark: The Fall and Rise of David Millar, which charts his career up to his return to the sport after his doping ban. We discuss his own career, doping and what the future holds for cycling. Continue reading

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Team Sky zero tolerance policy or how not to address reality

Team Sky has never had an active zero tolerance policy, Team Sky has always had a zero tolerance policy on doping. Team Sky would like you to know from their statement that “Team Sky has had a clear position on … Continue reading

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Analysis: How Great Britain won the world championship for Mark Cavendish

What more is there to add? There have been few more impressive displays of teamwork in the history of the Worlds. Lionel Birnie wrote about Project Rainbow, Rod Ellingworth’s plan, in 2008, when pretty much everyone in the world thought … Continue reading

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David Millar, Racing Through the Dark interview and review

I spoke to David Millar while he was doing his press tour of the UK. Unfortunately my interview didn’t run as planned but, in keeping with my policy of publishing where I can, I’ve decided to put the interview out … Continue reading

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Jamie Staff and Shanaze Reade on BMX

Here’s that video clip I promised you. Yes, I know the audio’s out of synch due to dropped frames and I’m pretty embarrassed that I couldn’t remember where Shanaze is from but I don’t want to hurl my laptop out … Continue reading

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When everything goes dark

So after a fortnight spent wondering if riding from Acton to Wimbledon and back might benefit me in some way, I got a chance to put it to the test. I recorded the ride to Wimbledon on my Nokia N95’s … Continue reading

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Destroyed by madness

I grew up being deeply in love with the Manic Street Preachers. I remember an interview with Richey and Nicky in which the former said words to the effect of: “There no one you can believe in, no one you … Continue reading

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David Millar’s girlfriend is a better climber than me

I was reading David’s latest installment to his tour diary on biycling.com, The Millar Diaries, Stage 9: Lacking Inspiration, when the pieces finally fitted together and I figured out who the girl who I’d been trying to help with her … Continue reading

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My Grand Depart weekend

Saturday was brilliant. you can read about my day on the BBC’s 606 in reply to our man-in-a-van’s post: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A24564800 And this evening spotted this interview with the lovely Victoria Pendleton: Pendleton strikes the pose of a future Olympic champion … Continue reading

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