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What we learned from the first week of Le Tour 2009

1. If you were expecting the GC to be exciting and to change hands like it did last year, then you were mistaken. Once Cancellara bagged jaune in Monaco it was going to be tough to shift him until the … Continue reading

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Get the same sunglasses as Mark Cavendish

Sunglasses are one of those things that go in trend waves in cycling. More often than not it’s Oakley who are responsible for it with their saturation marketing of the pro peloton. The Oakley Radar, which became widespread in 2007, … Continue reading

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Centenary Giro off to a historic start

For all the Armstrong hype in the preamble, the really interesting battles on the opening day were all about Columbia v Garmin. Not just the team battle but the rivalry between the British riders over who would be able to … Continue reading

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Cycling popularity increases except in sports pages

Saturday’s The Times declares that “Inspirational Olympic heroes turn cycling into a family favourite” and celebrates a 40% increase in cycling as a result of the track team’s success. Meanwhile The Sunday Times manages to lead its Sport In Brief … Continue reading

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A good time to be ill

If ever there’s a good weekend to come down with a heavy case of the manflu, aka the common cold, this weekend past was it. Temperatures below freezing added to sleeting snow and rain should and would have had me … Continue reading

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Epic win!!!1111!!!!!

Cav does it again. Time to get that internet meme thang working again…

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The hubris of Riccardo Ricco

I honestly cannot bring myself to waste my energy on being surprised or outraged by the news that Riccardo Ricco returned a positive test result on a day when Mark Cavendish made cycling history at Le Tour: Mark Cavendish completes … Continue reading

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God speed you Cav!

Either I’ve broken my jinx or Mark Cavendish really is bloody quick. Two stages, both with clear air between him and the fastest men in the peleton. OK, no Boonen or Bennati but he’s already proven he can beat both … Continue reading

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Back ’em, bury ’em

So the Tour De France is underway, much to my total elation as it is every year. It means I get a chance to write a bit more about cycling than usual, such as this profile of Mark Cavendish: Cavendish … Continue reading

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