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Why Shanaze Reade is a winner

To be honest I’m a bit down about her crashing out of the Olympic final. Everyone thought it would be a formality, even Chris Hoy who doesn’t get much wrong when it comes to bike racing. I even got up/got … Continue reading

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After the gold rush

I think I managed to catch all the important bits this weekend at the Olympics from Usain Bolt jogging to a world record to every Great Britain rider who started an event on the track winning a medal. Looking ahead … Continue reading

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Cooke-ing with gas (and gelato)

So in the time that I’ve managed to go on holiday, get a tan and put on two kilos, cycling has been getting busy with doping busts, post-Tour criteriums and most importantly, The Beijing Olympics. I caught all of the … Continue reading

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Farewell then, fat lad!

So Jan Ullrich has announced his retirement: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2007/feb07/feb26news2 (Incidentally cyclingnews.com is one of the best sources of cycling news out there) Who now will us amateurs look to for inspiration when we suffer with our “winter weight issues”? This legion … Continue reading

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The politics of coverage

Matt Seaton writes in today’s Guardian about his excitement at the coverage of the Tour of Britain (ToB) this week. I’m as excited as anyone by it and will be going down on Sunday armed with my microphone and camera … Continue reading

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