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I hope you’re getting a bike for Christmas

Do children still get bikes for Christmas? I hope so. Christmas and birthday, the two times of the year when a child can ask for a bicycle and have a better than usual chance of getting one. But I think … Continue reading

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Return of the classic Selle Royal Aeroyal saddle

If you’re a bike rider of a certain age, then this saddle is part of your youth. The Selle Royal Aeroyal saddle was what you stuck on your BMX to replace the saddle it came with. In my case it … Continue reading

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Why Robert Millar is the coolest British rider ever

Rober Millar isn’t just Great Britain’s best climber and Grand tour finisher, he’s where my love of road cycling springs from and an inimitable icon. The piece below has been doing the rounds of cycling fora over the last couple … Continue reading

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Why Shanaze Reade is a winner

To be honest I’m a bit down about her crashing out of the Olympic final. Everyone thought it would be a formality, even Chris Hoy who doesn’t get much wrong when it comes to bike racing. I even got up/got … Continue reading

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My new Raleigh Burner

My new raleigh burner, originally uploaded by leguape. Sitting here watching the World Championships via the red button on the BBC *thumbs up* and cheering like a loon at the Team GB success rate. I forgot I hadn’t posted up … Continue reading

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I want my youth back, and my Raleigh Burner

If you are around 31 years old, grew up in Britain and rode bikes as a kid you know what I mean. While nostalgics tends to bang on about the Chopper as the iconic Raleigh bike (it tends to be … Continue reading

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