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Does British cycling have a problem with women?

So, we’re here again, debating sexism and British Cycling. Hard for British Cycling to ignore views of both @v_pendleton & @NicoleCooke2012 (https://t.co/xle9oKLTN2) https://t.co/81SHvVhyyz — Alex Murray (@leguape) April 26, 2016 Nicole’s article contains a more analytical and well-evidenced case. That … Continue reading

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Team Sky zero tolerance policy or how not to address reality

Team Sky has never had an active zero tolerance policy, Team Sky has always had a zero tolerance policy on doping. Team Sky would like you to know from their statement that “Team Sky has had a clear position on … Continue reading

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Victoria Pendleton and Nicole Cooke broaden their appeal

Victoria Pendleton is the face of Hovis, the breadmakers with a long association with cycling. They were the original sponsor of Freewheel which has now morphed into Skyride and their 1970s campaign featuring a baker’s boy and his bike is … Continue reading

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What’s with your Victoria Pendleton obsession?

I know she’s cute, I know she’s pretty much unbeatable in a sprint event, but why is she the most common search term people end up at this site via? Is there nothing I’m writing about that is of interest … Continue reading

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My current cycling wishlist

As the season draws to a close, the big shows also get underway as manufacturers show off what they think we will want to buy next year. I’ve got a few items on my wishlist, most of which aren’t brand-spanking … Continue reading

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After the gold rush

I think I managed to catch all the important bits this weekend at the Olympics from Usain Bolt jogging to a world record to every Great Britain rider who started an event on the track winning a medal. Looking ahead … Continue reading

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Victoria Pendleton Naked!

Yes, in this weekend’s Observer Sport Monthly. On her Trek road bike. There’s a peek at it on Cycling Weekly’s Tuesday comment piece: Pendleton poses nude and the demise of the Archer Their take on it seems to be that … Continue reading

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Victoria Pendleton: not famous enough

She’s gorgeous, she’s articulate and she’s bloody quick on a bike. Enough of my boyish lusting about one of the best women on the track, Victoria has given Will Fotheringham of The Guardian and excellent interview: Victoria Pendleton on why … Continue reading

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My Grand Depart weekend

Saturday was brilliant. you can read about my day on the BBC’s 606 in reply to our man-in-a-van’s post: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A24564800 And this evening spotted this interview with the lovely Victoria Pendleton: Pendleton strikes the pose of a future Olympic champion … Continue reading

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