Back ’em, bury ’em

So the Tour De France is underway, much to my total elation as it is every year. It means I get a chance to write a bit more about cycling than usual, such as this profile of Mark Cavendish:

Cavendish ready to step up

Of course riders who I tip or favour should be aware of my long running form in burying their chances of winning anything. In fact I think the last rider I successfully tipped was Floyd Landis, and look how that turned out. I say I tipped him, well I told my mate Stu to put a bit on him when he was at 70-1 or so before the 2006 TDF. He did quite well out of it, I didn’t as I neglected to put money on.

So if Cav fails to win a stage, you can almost certainly blame me.

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  • Steff Davies

    He’s a cheating bastard. Clearly deploying some kind of invisible finish-line bungie arrangement today 😉

  • Alex

    Innit. Just looking at Ciolek’s head nodding like one of those parcel shelf pooches as he tried to stay with him seemed mental. Then the fact he was pulling away from the faster sprinters in the world at the line. Looks like I’ve broken my jinx. Result.