I made it round! (almost)

For the first time in an eternity I managed to make it round the traditional four laps of Richmond Park without dropping back a group. Admittedly, I trundled into the car park a fair way back from the group after hitting my limit up the final uphill bump of the session but it still counts as an improvement.

I’m trying to get determined about giving up smoking again seeing as I’ve become a dreadful “occasional” smoker who sneaks a couple a day and a few when I’m out with friends. Unfortunately, until I can focus on my cycling goals, it’s proving far more challenging than the last time. In part the problem is that I feel stronger than I did last time I gave up and so the desire to stop is weaker. I’m sure once I tuck into the training mentality again I’ll find it easier. I’m going to give it a crack this week and see how I go.

After the ride there was the usual banter over coffee about goals for next year. I’ve laid mine out now and I think this will be my plan: Tour of Flanders 140km in April, Beaume de Venise (featuring Ventoux) in June, Etape in July as my distance challenges. Then Tuesday night series at Hillingdon as my weekly racing and Sunday Surrey Hills for training. I think that’s plenty to be going on with for the moment.

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  • Rob


    From reading your postings it sounds like you might benefit from some solo training. In my opinion (and am not trying to claim to be any sort of expert) I think a lot of people dont make the best of their cycle training as they think of it exclusively as a group sport.

    Instead of getting dropped by the bunch in the park, you would get more benefit doing three or four laps on your own at a steady pace, aiming for about 75% of your max HR. And staying at that level – this means that you will go slowly up hill (and fast down, though that can be scary on the bends, so you can ease up a bit there as required!).

    Anyway, that should give you a better work out. You get too much rest in the bunch – its either maxing out for a couple of mins on the climbs, or then getting a load of rest on the other two sides. Overall not a great work out. Consitency would be better.

    Try going solo on a saturday then riding with the group on the sunday. Be a better overall workout.

    Also, feel free to ignore me!


  • How’s the giving up going? I’m in the middle of struggling with it myself, except I’ve been smoking steadily for 20 years.

    If you give it up completely you’ll serve as my inspiration. Best of luck.